NNPP resurgence, divine intervention in country’s leadership crisis – Aniebonam

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  • Says Kwankwaso is coming to unify Nigerians

By Ray Ugochukwu

The sudden resurgence of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) at this time of the country’s history has been described as God’s intervention to solve the nation’s leadership crisis that has led to a near collapse of the system.

Founder of the party, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, made the assertion at the weekend in Apapa, Lagos, while addressing the media on current developments in the country, which he said, called for Nigerians to queue behind the NNPP for a rescue mission.

Noting that the party had been in existence for the past 21 years with little showing, he said the waves being generated by it presently at a time the two major political parties had disappointed Nigerians in governance, showed divine intervention.

“It is a fact that politics is about interest – who gets what, where, when and how. It is also a process to enthrone good governance for the benefit of greater numbers. As the Founder of the political party, you will agree with me that for the period of 21 years, I would have joined the main stream politicians but I did not do so. This is because I have not been able to differentiate between the two leading parties which seem to me as two sides of a coin.


“Under the circumstance, I rather wait when it is time for God’s intervention in Nigeria. And so, 21 years thereafter, the journey for a new Nigeria has begun. It is common knowledge that all is not well with our country due to several reasons. The various agitations of the geo-political zones in our country, starting from matters of marginalization, bad economy to insecurity of the Nigerian state, life is generally very unfavourable to Nigerians.

“At this point, it’s obvious that God has decided to intervene in our country through the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP). To achieve this objective the need for a collective responsibility becomes inevitable to redefine Nigeria through quality leadership and good governance”, he said.

Aniebonam, who also doubles as the Founder of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), noted that good governance had eluded the country for so long that it was now time to get things right.

He therefore urged the media to join forces with the NNPP to enlighten Nigerians on the need to support his party for the provision of the desired leadership the country needed by electing credible people into office in 2023.

In his words, “It is not news to all that good governance has eluded our country for so long, leading to difficulties to earn a good life. This is remotely caused by our disrespect for the rule of law and regulations. The inability of the government to effectively enforce the laws of the land is a major factor under the circumstance and the need to restart civil order becomes imperative. Therefore, our invitation to this gathering is to seek for your cooperation to educate and enlighten the greater numbers of Nigerians to take responsibility and elect credible Nigerians in the forthcoming election”.


Commenting on the issue of zoning of political offices, the former Customs officer made it clear that his party, the NNPP, had not tasted power as to talk of that presently. He however observed that what the country needed was a detribalized leader like Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, who would unify all Nigerians and give everybody a sense of belonging.

“You see, when everybody has a sense of belonging in the governance of the country, all these agitations would disappear. When you bring the Biafrans, the Niger Delta agitators, the Arewas, the Afeniferes and others together, unify them, all these crises in the country would go. The man, who can do it through our party, the NNPP, is Senator Kwankwaso”, Aniebonam said.

The Anambra State born business man, who has elected to be Chairman, Board of Trustee (BoT) of the party, however faulted the two major political parties for reneging on the “gentleman agreement” they had earlier entered into on zoning.

Buba Galadima, staunch member of the party

He said the first assignment of Kwankwaso as soon as he assumed office would be to tackle the security issues of the country, noting that without securing lives and properties, nothing else could work in any system. Thereafter, he said, he would now be in a better stead to face the battered economy of the country and address it.

Aniebonam therefore called on stakeholders, including those in the transport and allied industries, to join hands with the party to secure the future of the country.

“May I at this point call upon all stakeholders in the transport industry, logistics and Customs facilitation to join hands with NNPP to secure our future. The good news is that the Founder of NNPP is from the transport industry and indeed the Founder of NAGAFF as well. Therefore, the reach and opportunity abound to get the attention of Senator Kwnakwaso who is the sole candidate of the party in the 2023 general election”, he stated.



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