Avoid sitting on the fence as new regime emerges in May – Nweke to maritime stakeholders

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By Ray Ugochukwu

As the nation awaits the coming onboard of a new administration come May 29, former President, National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), Chief Eugene Nweke, has charged maritime stakeholders to brace up to ward off policies that may be inimical to the industry.

Nweke, who stated this in his Easter message to stakeholders, said this had become necessary in view of the fact that the new regime would be expected to come up with its maritime policies that would be bereft of stakeholders’ inputs.



In the message titled, “We Desire Power to Lighten Our Industry, Yet Not Knowing How Power is Produced”, Nweke posited that taking opposing views on issues was healthy for the growth and development of any system.

Condemning what he termed as “siddon look” attitude of stakeholders on critical issues concerning the industry, he noted that scientists “taught us that it is the centripetal and centrifugal forces acting in opposition to each other that keep our planet in her orbit”.

The former NAGAFF boss decried the usual defeatist “it is well”refrain of maritime stakeholders, which he said had led to the decay in the system and therefore called for a change of attitude.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President-elect

In his words, “In the spirit of the risen Christ, symbolizing victory over death and whatever constitutes a dead end in our affairs on earth, I crave with utmost importance to convey a heart-filled Easter message to the stakeholders in the maritme industry”.

He continued, “In the month ahead, the present administration’s tenure will constitutionally elapse and another administration mounts the saddle with its own industry policies bereft of professional inputs. Before we know it, a vicious circle runs through as usual, and many in their inner closests go grumbling about the industry’s ill-workings and outwardly join the monotonous rhythm of “it is well”

“The thought of our inability to collectively champion a course aimed at setting the right templates to drive prompt industry growth and development dispassionately settles in our heart; hence, my retorts and likening some of our inactions to: “We Desire Power to Ligthen Our Industry, Yet Not Committed to Knowing How Power Is Produced”.

“It may sound proverbial, but I will not hesitate to state that, many being looked upon, choose to join the chorus of “those sitting on the fence, … Wherefore, I wish to reemphasis that, a trolley engine can only supply electricity just by the revolution of those wheels and the friction they produce. The rubbing creates the electric current”.

Container-laden vessel at port

The frontline freight forwarder added, “As we await and prepare to go through another round of political transition in our country cum industry, the maritime administration and advancement beckons on commitment from all strata and facets. It beckons a commitment not to run away from the industry pressure, instead let’s harness energy in order to secure the requisite intellectual space and deploy same to stand above the painful causes of pressure.

“For the advocacy groups, critical administrators and captains of industry, one thing is sure; opposition is essential to a true equilibrium of forces. Don’t forget, we are taught that, it is the centripetal and centrifugal forces acting in opposition to each other that keeps our planet in her orbit. As such enough of “sidon look”. As stakeholders, we must appreciate that, some of us are on the propelling force and some others repelling force. We have a need to act and react in order not to overstay on the fence, and watch our industry slipping off into space in a pathway of desolation at the detriment of future generations”.

Congested port access road, Apapa, Lagos

According to Nweke, “It is not enough to have an impelling force, we need also as much a repelling force over industry issues or inimical policies that are against common industry growth and advancement. Let me reiterate here that, by impelling and repelling forces I’m inferring to the pragmatic deployment of our intellectual and professional prowess in the positive for our industry’s good.

“We have a collective duty to make it greater, else our professional expertise will be questioned by the emerging generations.


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